Monday, June 23, 2008

The many ups and downs of the Hill

A few weeks ago after the WW, we met Mark who had been taking a run around the course. He had a few gadgets attached to him and it turns out they track all kinds of data like calories burned, distance traveled, GPS coordinates, and most coolly -- elevation changes.

He sent me these nifty charts of his last run and promises to take more readings in the next few weeks, average them, and then supply us with our official elevations. How cool is that?

The Hill looks even more hilly and dramatic when you see it represented this way, doesn't it?

Can you guess what holes these are? Hint: He only sent 9-18.




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Ray said...

I can only guess that B. is hole 14, but that incline is sick. A favorite hole because it's been the best gauge of personal improvement: when you first start playing you can't believe it can be done in 3 throws, and then as you get better....