Monday, June 30, 2008

When's the last time you played golf down a 4000 ft mountain?

If you are looking for a great tournament to play this summer at a spectacular venue, sign up for the Green Mountain Open. It is on three awesome courses in Vermont.
Last year was such a great time that a few of us from the Hill are going again. You should too.

The TDs really need you to register now so that they can finalize a bunch of details, so sign up now.

At first it may seem like an expensive weekend, but if you get a few roomies or bring the family, it makes for a relatively cheap summer vacation. Dan Doyle and Chris Mayone put on a great time and have lined up some bigtime sponsors like Coke and Magic Hat, so you know you'll go home with plenty of free stuff and a ton a great memories. Don't miss it!

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