Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Speed Round video

Yep, it's a little late, but here you go, your 2008 Speed Round winners.

Rob Walker (3rd), Pete Nevius (1st), and Ken Gary (2nd)

We had 9 golfers participate in the 4-hole event. Rules were simple -- play holes 13, 14, a temp hole from tee 15 to basket 9, and hole 10 as fast as you could using normal disc golf rules. Then sprint to the finish line at tee 11.

You could carry as many discs as you wanted and you had to mark your lie with one of them before throwing your next shot. Spotters and scorers were on each hole to help point out discs and to record each golfer's score for that hole.

Fifteen seconds were subtracted from your time for each stroke under par, while 15 seconds were added for each stroke over par. Golfers went off at each minute mark, so the potential for getting passed or bonked on the head was there.

I think Speed was the most fun of our three events that day and we all learned a little strategy and technique that will help next time.

And of course, thank you to the volunteer timers, "descriptive" scorekeepers, and spotters who helped run the round.

And now the videos.....

Speedy Pete tees off

Ken hits wood early

Rob is speechless

Pete finishes

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