Monday, November 17, 2008

Tee (posts) for 18

Sunday was a great day for Devens disc golf. Despite the chilly, windy conditions, ten volunteers showed up to help install new tee sign posts.

I can't say how excited that makes me. I love our growing group of Devens locals who care about their course!

We had three workgroups consisting of Dave, Jeremy, and Matt; Sam, John R, and Russ; and TM, Donnie, and Joe, while Brian worked on filling the tee box on hole 4. Since I'm on the DL with a strained back muscle, I roamed around the Hill supervising.

The work went fast and it looked like everyone was having a good time getting things done. Afterward, some of us played a very casual round. Russ pointed out a common bush on the Hill called wintergreen that when crushed, smells minty. You can also chew on it to help cure a headache. Cool!

Even though it was pretty windy, there were several groups out playing in the afternoon. Nice!

Russ listens to China while Sam and John R wait for a translation.

Dave jumps for joy.

Donnie asks, "Are you going to help me or just take pictures all day?

Nut, Russ, John R, and Sam did not pose for this photo on hole 14.

Future DPW workers Nut, Sam, John R, and Russ supervise TM on the last post to go in.

Ryan keeps TM and me on schedule as we put the finishing touches on hole 13.

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ESMom said...

Great job, guys!!!