Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot shot Donnie claims Hill singles record.

Got an email from a happy Donnie Disc Golf today. It seems he shot a course record 49 this afternoon! Nice job, Donnie!
The beautiful day and the excellent work day put in yesterday by the local hillbillies brought DonnieP some extra good disc Kharma and a new personal best by four strokes! Donnie put his #3 tag on the line versus his arch rival nemesis JoeA but managed to hold onto it and fend off a late round surge. Thanks to all you for the great stairs and the cleaned up course...It works!!!!!
Glad you could take advantage of all the hard work Jim Bobka, Ken G, John R, and I did out there yesterday. Jim, Ken, and I were too pooped to play any afterward, but John R played a round with Jimmy B. who showed up as John and I were about to leave.

Hope everyone else enjoys the improvements too because there are more to come next week!

The Real #1 Hillbilly, Donnie Phillips


Anonymous said...

Thanks John...Good Lookin' card. Scorecard that is. Thanks Joe for the two rounds.

Anonymous said...

Very well done!


Anonymous said...

It was impressive to watch. I just wish I coulda push him a little more ;) . It was STELLAR

Anonymous said...

Nice shooting DDG!