Monday, March 09, 2009

An ace or maybe two?

When you wait a couple years to get your first ace, why not get one and then follow it up with another? That was almost the case yesterday when Pete Nevius hit his first career ace on hole 9 and then came damn close to hitting hole 10 too! It was a pretty amazing 5 minutes of disc golf.

We were playing doubles on a beautiful late-winter afternoon when Pete stepped up on hole 9 (145 ft) and tossed a gentle hyzer down the Hill into the basket. I was standing directly behind him and knew instantly that he was golden. Crash! Pete turned around, grinned, and put his arms in the air while the rest of us went crazy. After about 15 seconds I think it finally hit him and a full smile broke through.

Next on hole 10 (215 ft), Pete launches a hammer down the Hill. It twists like a corkscrew and lands on edge in front of the basket, bounces up, hits the top of the basket, twirls around a few times on top, falls, catches the rim of the basket, and does a little balancing act before falling to the ground. Unbelieveable! Almost two in a row!

Pete later confessed the secret to his success -- duct taped boots!

That ace was good enough to keep Rob and him in a tight match between Phil and Donnie all the way to extra innings. Phil and Donnie won after a park job on 1 by Donnie.

  1. Donnie/Phil - 50 ($40)
  2. Pete/Rob - 50 ($10)
  3. Dave/Joe - 53
  4. John/Mark - 55
  5. Kari/Nate/Kindred - 67
Sunday's Socialites

Phil goes for the long putt on 3. Pete and Rob think bad thoughts.

Gizmo spots on hole 3




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