Friday, July 02, 2010

My Worlds is over

Unfortunately, I missed the cut to play in the semis by just two strokes. That 2-stroke penalty I had on Tuesday due to the crappy course signage did me in after all. I was so close and finished tied for 39 out of 88 golfers. I think I cashed as well, but will know for sure Sunday afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures this week. If you can make it to next year's Worlds in Rochester, NY, do it. It's a wonderful experience.

Now, it is time to pack and hit the road back to MA. Who knows what adventures await us on the trip home? Hill Yeah!

By the way, please check out our friend's book, Setterly Yours: A Photographic Introduction to English Setters. Marcy's friend, Danica, wrote the book and put us up this week and we really appreciate the hospitality and doggie daycare too!

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