Thursday, July 01, 2010

Day 3 has been a rollercoaster

Today was an up and down day filled with a bunch of near misses and several incredible long-distance "almost" putts that rattled off or in and out of the cage. After wussing out on many putts in Rd 1, I switched back to my old putting style and turned it around in Rd 2. However, a few errant drives off the tee landed me in the worst jail I have ever been in and cost me several strokes.

Tomorrow is do or die for me. I'm going to have to shoot great to get back above the cut line. No problem. No problem. No problem.
I am a bit pooped mentally but a relaxing evening and some downtime should rev me up for tomorrow. If not, we are off to Columbus for an evening in the German section of town and to watch their huge fireworks display.

I've seen a few deer during my past few rounds, as well as a rabbit. Chris P just called to tell me he grabbed my APO Buzzz out of the lost and found. Yay! I lost it on Tuesday, or was it Wednesday (see, everything's blurry) on my infamous double-circle 7 over the water.

We thought this was funny. Ears and eyes next to each other. Did I mention we are a little tired?

This pretty much sums up how I felt after today.

But then I'd hit the cage on a 40-footer like this and perk back up. Ride the rollercoaster, baby.

Yesterday, we followed Sandy Redd around Alum where he was on the top card for his pool. The boy is good and making NEFA proud!

Sandy hits another tricky putt.

Since I like to take care of my MA NEFA consituents, I happily jumped in the water and went fishing for one of Sandy's discs. Anything for a vote.

Sandy's card had two Justins, a Reid, and a Redd. Not too confusing when asking for scores.

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