Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you Bradley Arnall and Don Boutin

A few months ago, I was at Bradley's house and he offered me a pretty cool piece of wood leftover from a tree that had been cut down in his yard. 

A few weeks later, I remembered that Don Boutin had carved a nice sign for Maple Hill, so I asked him if he could whip us up a basic sign and he said, "Sure, no problem."

Well, if you haven't been to the course in the last two weeks, you're in for a treat as you walk up to tee 2. Hopefully the sign will last a while and not walk away like our other one on tee 14!

Thank you very much Bradley and Don! I appreciate your contributions, time, and skills that make our course even better!

1 comment:

Marc D said...

The sign looks incredible! Thanks for adding it to the course.

Enjoyed my first time out in the Wednesday league. Finished last but had a great time. Thanks all!