Monday, March 28, 2011

The best drive ever?

Luke Adolph sent me this photo yesterday of 14 year old Phelan Lyman's drive on hole 6 during the Sunday Social. Wow! What a throw. Dead center too.

Luke said Phelan just threw it straight up the gut backhand. He and his Dad, Guy, birdied the hole. Incredible job, Phelan!

I've only seen two drives on hole 6 that have really impressed me. A few years ago, I think it was Jason Dore who torched one up the road and after a big skip his driver landed in putting range for the deuce. Then last year before our Pro Clinic, Nate Doss casually threw a Buzzz up the road and landed just past the path to hole 7. I'm happy when I can get a Valkyrie up over the hump near the short tee, but when you crush one past the path with a midrange? Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

is that with a pain? i was thinking of getting one. crazy shot though not to often does that happen.