Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hole lengths, chains, litter, and a snake

I went over to the course this morning because I've been wanting to measure the length of each hole for a few weeks now. I was hoping to record tee and basket elevation too, but the satellites just weren't cooperating today and my GPS gave me some wacky readings. As I look at these measurements now, I think some must be wrong because a couple seem way to short, especially 14. I may have to do it the old-fashioned way next time.

While measuring hole 8, I heard the beautiful ching of chains on 14, the only hole with a real basket. It was great to hear, but when I got to 14, I found a fresh Budweiser bottle empty about halfway up. That bummed me out, but I'd like to think that the bottle just fell out of someone's bag. It did, didn't it?

Later on 17, I came across this snake catching some rare late November sun. I took a bunch of pictures of him, but he didn't move a muscle -- just stuck his tongue out at me a few times.

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