Sunday, November 05, 2006

TM Delivers Again

Great day yesterday. TM, Bill the Neighbor, and I finished cutting 18. TM did the cutting and Bill and I dragged most into piles, but we still left some for the rest of you.

The first half of the fairway looks awesome. You tee off from behind an impressive-looking row of boulders looking out over the fairway. About 150+ ft out the hill crests and it's down you go through an alley of trees to the basket which is about 2/3 the way down. Miss the putt and chances are you'll roll to the bottom.

Go here for an interesting study on the stone walls and boulders of New England.

Haven't quite decided the best way to play this hole yet (either go for it over the hill or layup to where it starts to go down). None-the-less, it's going to be a fun one. Plus, at the crest of the hill looking SW you can see an American flag flying in the distance as well as the distant Worcester hills. Beautiful.

We moved on to Hole 7 (with the old antenna concrete tee pad) and removed a number of trees in the lower fairway making it more playable and fair. We also widened the right side where the fairway starts to curve right and go down so that it is a little more obvious where you should throw from the tee. On hole 8 we removed a few trees on the left so now there is a defined left or right path to take up the valley.

With about an hour left of sunlight (damn those 4:30 sunsets!) we played a quick round and finished the last four holes in the dark. That was interesting.

Major huge mega thanks to TM for coming up to help. I love your Implements of Destruction!

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