Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surprise! We lose again!

Yay to Dave James, our sole point winner, for keeping our 1-point per challenge average going strong in last Sunday's Team Challenge loss to Burgess.

Once again, we were "this" close to winning more than just one match-up. We hung in there, especially during dubz.

Donnie and I came back from a 2-hole deficit to tie it with one hole to go. They made a sweet pressure-filled putt thru the wind to force an eventual 6-hole playoff (which we obviously lost). I loved the gallery we had for the playoff and loved the pressure of it all. Very fun!

Arty and Gags took their match all the way to the last hole too, I think, but came up short. A few singles matches were close too, but no luck!

Thanks for the hospitality, Burgess. See you in the playoffs.

So we end our inaugural season at a stellar 0-5. Can't we get a half-point for close calls? Playoffs: April 27, Tully Dam. Prepare for Devens Domination!

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