Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We take a break from Devens Disc Golf today to say "Yeah boy!" to the UMass hoops team. What a friggin' awesome comeback victory last night against those cocky, out-of-shape losers from Syracuse at the Carrier Dome. We win 81-77 and are off to the NIT Final Four.

After playing like ass in the first half and trailing by 22 at the half, the boys slowly chipped away at the lead by nailing a ton of 3s and playing some scrappy D. Nice! Boo hoo. Bye bye. See you later, Orange.

Damn that was a great win last night. I haven't yelled at my TV like that in a long time. For a team picked to finish 8th in the A-10, I think we are doing pretty well!

Fellow UMass alumni join me now as I stand and cheer: "Go. Go U. Go UMass! Go UMass!"

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