Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who has my lost disc?

Would the guy that called me a few weeks ago saying he found my NEFA Finals disc on hole 7 give me a call or email me? You said you'd leave it at Brian's house but we could not find it.

I love that disc. If anyone out there has one they don't want, I'll gladly trade you for it. It was from the 2006 Finals at Borderlands. It was white with the color NEFA States graphic. I think it was a Discraft Spectra. Help a brother out!


DiscGolfDonnie said...

Speaking of lost bag emptied itself in the dark near the fairway of hole one...A white putter was left behind with no name but happy birthday on the back. Just in case. Thanks :-)

Eric L. said...


Donnie, I haven't had a chance to get my Shark back from you yet. I appologize for not having the time to get back to the course and pick it back up. If it's not around anymore, that's fine, no big loss. But I'm hoping to get back there some Sunday soon and get back in the swing of things. Thanks!