Thursday, March 27, 2008

New! Devens Bag Tag League starts next Wednesday

We are happy to announce the start of the 2008 Devens Weekly Bag Tag League starting next Wed., April 3 at 5PM.

$10 gets you a handcrafted birch bag tag and a chance to compete for a higher-numbered tag each Wednesday, or whenever someone with a lower number challenges you (either at Devens or any other course). It's a fun way to build up some friendly competition and bragging rights for the Hill!
  • Cost: $10 to join. Proceeds go directly to our insurance fund.
  • When: Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM
  • Get one: Email Dave and let him know you want in, or get one next Wed. or Sunday at the Social.
  • Official results will be kept on our website
Thanks Dave for making the tags and running this league. It's going to be a fun season. I'll post a photo of the tag as soon as I get one.

In the first exhibition match last night, Dave claimed the #1 tag, Donnie Disc Golf, #2, and Ace Race Pete #3.

1 comment:

DiscGolfDonnie said...

Nice Win Dave!!!
After ceding the battle of the bag tags without muc hof a whimper to Dave I errantly threw my Number ONE favorite disc (Yellow champion WRAITH)onto the approximate area of fairway hole one then left it there.
If the disc community is as tight knit as I've heard I will get it back. Might have faint black marks on back saying donnie THANKS