Friday, October 02, 2009

A great week for the Hill

The last week of September was a good one for the Killer Bs of Devens.

First, my article on the Vibram Open, along with a few photos, were published in Discgolfer, the official magazine of the PDGA. See page 44-47. In a related article, TD Steve Dodge gave me an "atta boy" for writing the Vibram Open blog during the tournament. Nice.

Even though I've written tons of boring technical manuals and won a few awards for them in my past life as a software and hardware technical writer, I must admit that writing an article on disc golf and getting it published in a major magazine kicks butt. I look forward to writing more for the magazine or any other disc golf publication, blog, or event. Hint, hint... call me!

Next up was Marcy. On Wednesday, she nailed her first-ever deuce on Devens, threw her longest and most accurate drive on hole 5 to take a three, and shot a personal best. Good times.

But the excitement doesn't end there. This morning, Marcy received news that she passed the PDGA Official test with flying colors. Even though the test is open book, they throw in some tough ones to make sure you've read and understood every page. Marcy's got a mind like a steel trap and is a stickler for rules, so I know she'll make a great official.

Her favorite violation to call so far? Foot fault! Congratulations Marcy, or should I say Ms PDGA Official Marcy?!
  • Today's contest: Can you find the two photos of Marcy in the magazine?
Don't forget about the Thrill on the Hill. We are half full and only 17 pairs remain.

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