Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mini workday this Sunday after Dubs, before Chili

I'd like to do some quick cleanup of the course this Sunday, Oct. 11 after the Sunday Social. We will do an hour or so of work and then head over to the Chili Cook-off at 1.

If you bought a Devens shirt, you'll also be able to pick it up then.

To Do List
  • Trim the sprouts that have sprung up from stumps and pick up any fallen branches from this week's windy weather. Gloves, hedge trimmers, and loppers are the tools of choice.
  • Cut up and clear that downed tree on hole 7/8.
If you play the course often, here is your chance to show your appreciation for the course with a little elbow grease and earn some good karma at the same time. Last year, after helping at the workday Marcy hit her first ace, proving that good deeds bring forth good karma in the disc golf world.

Still looking for people to help at the Cook-off. Bueller? ... See you there for dubs at 9:30.

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