Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's in for Speed?

So, who is doing Speed this year after Doubles on Saturday (spots still available)? Any new victims -- er, contestants?

I am in and I know Donnie is. Adam Dodge said he was probably going to do it. How about you young 'uns, or are us old folks the only ones brave enough this year? Meow.

To review:
  • It is only four holes: 13, 14, tee 15 to basket 9 (just short enough for you to catch your breath or lose your lunch), and 10. Then you sprint to 11's tee to the finish line.
  • Speedsters go off in 1 minute intervals.
  • There are spotters on each hole who point out your disc and then record your score. All you have to do is drive, run, putt. Repeat. Easy.
  • Time is kept along with your score. Time penalties and bonuses are assessed for +/- par.
  • Lowest score wins.
I did it last year and even though it sounds brutal, it really wasn't too bad. Sure, you feel like death when you are heading down 10 and sprinting to 11, but the hoots and hollers from people watching makes up for it. Honestly, it's a ton of fun. Young, old, even pack-a-day smokers do it.

As far as strategy, you can go fast and erratic and risk getting penalized for being over par. Or you can go slow and steady and get a bonus for being under par.

Last year, we had Speedsters use both techniques with varying results. Second place finisher Ken Gary took his time and shot under par, but winner Pete Nevius did the opposite and won by 35 seconds at 3:07. So, who knows? (2008 results)

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