Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stealing is bad

Today I called and emailed a few people with discs in our Found box. Most people never respond. I don't know why. Even if you don't want the disc back, just do me the courtesy of telling me so that I can stop tracking it and give it away to a new player.

Today was different though. I called Jeff whose orange Hawk had recently been turned in. About 20 minutes later he called back and said, "Where was it found? Devens? Huh, I've never been there." It turns out he is from Maine and lost that disc at Enman Field. Some loser evidently found his disc, ignored his name and number written nice and big on the back, and kept it for his own. Bad, bad, bad.

As a reminder for you newer players out there, keeping a disc that has contact info on it is stealing, pure and simple. Be a good human and contact the person. Many times they will tell you to keep it. Sometimes they will buy you a frosty adult beverage just for returning it. In either case, you will get the warm fuzzies and have the round of your life the next time out. It sure beats getting caught using it by the guy's friends who will be more than happy to reclaim it from you and throw you into the nearest pond.

Same goes for you. If you want your disc back, write your name, email address, and phone number on each of your discs. And be sure to write legibly! I must have about 10 discs in the Devens L&F that I cannot make out the info. You'll be happy you did when you lose your favorite driver that your dearly departed great-grandfather gave to you on his death bed.

That's all for today's public service announcement.

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