Sunday, April 18, 2010

Billy Dunne is King of the Hill!

Congratulations to Pro Open winner, 18 year old Billy Dunne, for taking this year's King of the Hill crown! Billy shot a hot 104 (-4) to win, but what makes his win even more impressive is that it was his first time playing the course. Nice!

And let's give a big Hill Yeah! to Andy Duquette for aceing hole 2 in Rd 2 and taking home $129! Hill Yeah!

Thanks for coming everyone. Marcy and I hope you had a great time and left with your bellies full and your brains full of good memories. Let us know if you hit it big on the scratch tickets in the players pack!

More stories, highlights, photos, and tales of near-death later.
  • Pro Open - Billy Dunne 104
  • Pro Master - Doug DeSalvo 120
  • Pro GM - Ken Gary 111
  • AM1 - Derek Brazauskas 110
  • Adv Master - James Beaulieu 115
  • Adv Women - Rachael Hudson 131
  • AM2 - Leo Lacwasan 114
  • Rec - Jeff Cooper 134

1 comment:

whitewaterhelix said...

Thanks a ton Marcy and John, what a fun event! We lucked out on the weather too. You guys did a great job with everything, keeping it professional yet relaxed was the perfect vibe. The muffins and brownies were top notch too! And thanks for making it a PDGA event, so cool to see where the hill stacks up, and I called the 51 as a 1000 rated round ;-)