Thursday, April 15, 2010

WW results and one crazy shot

Frank Strauss continued his hot WW streak with a 53 in A pool while Bob Burdett and Jason Johnson tied for first in the B pool with 59s. Donnie and Bob won the CTPs on hole 4. The question remains though -- will Frank stay hot for his first KOH? Is he tournament tested? We will see on Saturday!

Before league I was trying out my new Pro Katana and it kinda got away from me and veered toward the parking lot. I heard a thud and thought that can't be good. A few guys gathered around and started chuckling. Someone whipped out their camera phone and took a few photos. Uh oh, I thought. I just dented somebody's car.

Turns out I got lucky with this totally ridiculous shot. No skip, just straight in and no damage. Guess it was my lucky day.

Luke on 3

Dan N on 3

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