Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you workday crew!

Wow, what a busy and productive day on Saturday!

Four new tee boxes completed and one refilled, two huge downed trees cut up on 14 and 18, one annoying overhanging branch on 18 removed, one large pile of logs cut, moved, and stacked on 4, one step inserted on 16, and the tee 5 area was prettied up with flowers.

Thank you for showing the Hill some love! I really appreciate your help.
  • Andy B
  • Andy D
  • Chris
  • Dan F
  • Luke A
  • Ken G
  • John R
  • Alan M
  • Doug C
  • Donnie P
  • Rob W
  • Bradley A
Our reward for a day of hard work was of course to test our product with a quick round. Early reviews are good, but it was a little weird being in an actual tee box! Sadly, although the view from tee 18 is more fair to those vertically-challenged players, the boulder just isn't as imposing to me as it was before. What do you think?

Rob on 18

Alan on 18

Chris on 4

John R on 6

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