Thursday, April 08, 2010

Over the Hill at the Hill

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I guess I am now over the Hill. How appropriate.

Marcy made cupcakes for league night. Golfers ate them. Sugar rushes were had.

Congrats to Frank Strauss who shot a personal best 53 (-1) to win last night. Andy D, Jimmy B, and I were nipping at his heels with 55s.

Dan Fox and Luke A won the cash CTPs and also nice Budweiser St. Paddy's hats donated by Josh St. D.

In our first Skills contest, Jeff Cooper went home with a nice Innova microfiber towel by winning the "Roller to the Birthday Boy" competition.

Next week start time is 5:00. Get one last round in before the KOH!

It was shirt-optional day at the Hill with 80 degree weather in the first week of April!

Ed, Gizmo, Rob, Mike, and Luke in Ambush Alley on 8

"Mmmm... cupcakes!"

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scheibenfrollein said...

Happy Birthday! I love cupcakes...even get some yummy ones here in Germany. =)