Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've been shuffled

Busy day today so here's a quick update while we wait for dinner.

Played decent today and made it into the top pool for Am Masters and am in 32nd place overall.

That means another very early 5:30 wakeup call and an 8 AM round at Alum and a second round at noon Thursday.

Days, rounds, and people are begining to blur together. Approaching auto pilot mode.

Followed Sandy this afternoon and took some pix. Will post later when I've got the time.

Please post some comments and let us know you are reading this. Knowing you are supporting us really helps a lot, especially these next few days.

Had a fried baloney sandwich for lunch. They love them out here.


JimmyB. said...

Stay in the zone bud! Wish I could be there to enjoy that zen feeling you're having of just playing and staying focused....keep it up and we'll keep the good vibes headed your way. League was fun today but of course it's not the same w/o the Borelli bunch :)

AndyD said...

Good luck guys. Keep it up.

La Pouka said...

Nuttin' wrong with fried bologna! Good luck, John, and have fun!

Marc D. said...

Good Luck! Bring a Victory back to Devens. :-)

DUG said...

wait a sec...fried baloney? omg.