Monday, September 18, 2006

Hello Hole 16 and 17

While the rest of you were weeding your vegetable gardens, BrianM, SteveB, BillS, and I worked our butts off carving out Holes 16 and 17 on Saturday. Steve rented a chainsaw and had visions of zipping through the woods like a warm knife through butter, but as is the case with rentals, the blade was dull and the trees didn't fall as fast as he had hoped. But, they did fall.

Hole 17 is a pretty uphill hole and takes advantage of a beautiful rock cliff straight in front of you. I initially had the basket on top of the 30-ft cliff (making a pretty difficult putt up to it), but after both Bill and I wiped out a few times clearing the area, we decided it would not be the safest hole especially in slick or wintry conditions. Luckily there is a nice clearing to the left that still requires an uphill putt over a different and safer rock ledge, so we put the basket there. The hole ends up as a possible deuce and a makeable uphill longish ace.

Hole 16 is a downhill chuck with a steep drop to the bottom of the hill about 1/3 of the way down. Initially, we thought this would be a good hole to let one rip from the teepad, but after we cleared the first batch of trees and made the fairway, it didn't seem as long due to the elevation change. Maybe once we clear the fairway and play the hole a few times, we'll move the tee back and up a few ledges.

So, there you have it. Seventeen holes are pretty much done and the course is getting some steady foot traffic. We are also close to installing our first 5 baskets and are just finalizing the logistics. Stay tuned!


Aaron P said...

played your course a week ago...loved and cant wait for baskets and perhaps hole maps at the tee offs? let me know if you need help this saturday

Aaron P said...
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