Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Introducing: Devens Treasures

If you've played Devens yet, you may have noticed some "artifacts" sprinkled throughout the course. Most are old soda and beer cans from the pull-tab era, as well as a couple of old bottles, auto parts, lawn chairs, and who knows what.

I like finding these things and seeing how brands and logos have changed over the years. Eventually, I'd like to collect these things and create a mini-museum of Devens Treasures. So, if you find anything really cool, let me know.

Today's Treasure is a 7up glass bottle with the slogan "You like it. It likes you." Bottled in nearby Worcester, MA. "'Fresh Up' with 7up".

After a little research and comparing label design, it looks like this bottle is from somewhere between 1955 and maybe 1967, but I'm going with late 50s.

Don't make me learn!

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