Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gemini Dogs Sponsors a Hole!

Woof! Good news! Gemini Dogs has officially sponsored Hole 9! Yahoo! I hear that the owner really loves disc golf. Hole 9 will now be known as the "Canine Hole". Get it? Honestly, how do I come up with these gems?

Anyway, thank you very much to my wife Michelle for agreeing to sponsor the hole. "Our marriage has never been better!" she joked. "John has spent basically every weekend since April building the course and we never see each other. I figured it was the least I could do!"

Attention dog lovers: Gemini Dogs is holding a Howl-o-ween Festival and Open House this Sunday, 12-4 in Littleton, MA. Stop by and bring your dog too. More details here.

Rumor has it that two more sponsors are in the pipeline, so get in while you still can. Contact Brian before it's too late! He is on fire lately! Yow!

Here are our current sponsors. Would anyone else care to join this exclusive list? Only 11 holes left!

2. Hanscom Credit Union
3. Innova
4. James family
5. Devens Recreation Department
6. Devens Grill
7. Gemini Dogs

Also: Borderland Disc Golf has loaned us four baskets.


Anonymous said...

Me, my son, Dave James and Tim Walsh played today. Tim shot a 54, me a 59, Dave a 64 and Matthew an 81.

I had at least 15 ticks and Matthew at least a dozen. Dave and Tim had a few but not nearly as many as we did.


Anonymous said...

The course is looking good. Didnt like 16 much, liked 17, and I think I will like 18, but it is still rough.