Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hole 18 Scoped Out

Before the chili event, Pete T and I scouted out hole 18 and we think we've found a good one. It's going to have a dramatic tee either over a very cool rock ledge or through another rock valley (like hole 8). It'll crest a hill near a small grassy landing zone and then head down the hill with the basket somewhere in the middle of the hill, making for a tough putt.

I'm really happy how this came together since it's near the exit road and hole 1. Thanks again for helping Pete! Ironically, Pete helped lay out the first few holes way back when and now he's back for the last hole. :)

Rob reported in and said he has made sleeves for the Borderland baskets. If he has time this week, he's going to set the sleeves in cement and Dave and I will plant them possibly on Thursday. Stay tuned. Holy crap, maybe we'll have a few baskets in by next weekend!

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