Monday, May 05, 2008


Whew! What a weekend at the course.

Huge thanks to TM, Nate, Ken, and Marcy for helping out Sat. in the drizzly, raw weather. Also thanks to Arty and Tom who got there at my original morning time -- sorry for the mix-up and we'll get you next time. Nut also stopped by and dragged some brush. Great turnout!

We got a bunch of stuff done and some holes look totally different.
  • Hole 12: Two lower fairways are now defined with removal of two larger trees. Bushy pine cleared at top of hole just off tee and now suckers you into throwing wide.
  • Hole 7: My favorite little pine tree at the ridge curve is gone. This changes the look from the tee and makes you think you should throw straight instead of to the right. Also thinned out the area on the left before the boulder, and better-defined the path to hole 8 and tried to block off the original one. Please use the new path!
  • Hole 10: Snipped some low-lying brush on the left of the fairway.
  • Hole 16: Removed large tree on top tier so it is now wide open to the bottom. TM and Nate also started building some stairs down the right side of the hill. Please use them!
  • Hole 17: Cleaned up downed branches and other crap.
  • Home 18: Created a new super-secret Pro tee, christened "TMsT". This could be our first genuine par 4 hole. It's pretty friggin' awesome.
Then we played a round, went home, and collapsed only to return 14 hrs later for the Social. I am pooped.

And for those wondering when we are going to put up the tee and sponsor signs, rest assured that they are in the works and we hope to get them up by Summer.

Making some stairs on 16

TM and one of his Implements of Destruction

Nate shows off his two new disc bags he found in the woods

And it also works as a stool. What a concept!

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