Friday, May 23, 2008

WW Results

The course was busy for a Wednesday night. Besides us Bag Taggers, there were a few kids out there with Mom and Dad and a class from the Mt Wachusett Community College ESL program (led by friend of DDGC, Katrina Folger). They got a little wet, but were smiling none-the-less! Thanks for coming out, guys!

As for league, we had another good turnout with 8 (including new guy Josh). It was kinda weird out there with the dark threatening rain clouds and spots of sunshine, but the rain held off until the last hole thankfully.

  • 2. Newbie Marcy continues to improve and shoots another personal best even though we moved the girlie tees back on a few holes - 54.
  • 13. JoBo - even with two absolutely ugly 6s, I shot a 58. I love my new May Madness Avenger SS!
  • 14. New guy Josh has got some skillz - 61
  • 17. Donnie did not get much tree love - 64
  • 19. Pete had a great back nine - 64
  • 20. Luke - still sad about his APO Rd 2 blowup - 65
  • 21. Brent - lost his mojo - 72
  • Dan - 61 (forgot his tag)
CTP hole 5: Vibram Open t-shirt donated by Dave J (Donnie)
CTP hole 10: Bag of coffee donated by Donnie (Dan)

We'd love to see some of the lower tags come back to play every now and then. Where are you #5 Tim?! :)

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