Thursday, May 08, 2008

WW Results

We had another good turnout and two new tags that joined the league: Brent/17 and Gags/18. I also realized that some short tees are just too short for league play, so we will be adding mid-length tees soon on 3 and 18 specifically.

We played the TMT on 18. Arty, Donnie, Jim, and PeteT handled their tee shots well. I think Arty said he three-d it, which is pretty friggin impressive! I flubbed it with a 6 and lost my #2 tag right there. Hole 18 proves to be a round-killer once again!

I don't remember the new numbers or scores offhand, but will update later:
  • Donnie: shoots a scorching personal best 53 and keeps #1
  • Marcy: 56 (personal best from short tees)
  • JimBob: 59
  • Pete T: 59 (had some bad rolling-putting luck on 18)
  • John: 60
Not sure of the order for the other group:
  • Arty
  • PeteN
  • Brent
  • Gags
Pete N won both CTPs: a poster for Lifestyle condoms (which is fast becoming the unofficial condom of the Hill going by some trash we found out there recently) and a pile of scrap wood donated by Bobka. Pete kept the poster claiming it would look great in his living room. Me thinks his wife won't think so.

Since Sunday is Mother's Day, some of us won't be at the Social.

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luke said...

Nice Job Donnie. Par and then some!