Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Pretty Social Sunday

Someone famous once said, "If you play for money, they will come." Well, that's what happened Sunday at the Social.

Earlier in the week, Dave announced that from now on we'd be playing for $7 each, with 5 going to the pot, 1 to the Sunday Ace Pot, and 1 to the course. He even has a spiffy payout table and everything to make it official.

This chance t0 win "big" money evidently worked and we had our largest Sunday turnout yet -- 11 golfers. In reality, it may have been because it was a holiday weekend and absolutely gorgeous out, but we won't tell Dave that.

Mike Connell (playing Cali) continued his domination of the Hill by tying for first with Gags and KenG. They decided to split the pot instead of playing any playoff holes. Gags' son, EvanG, and MarcyB stepped up and played from the long tees and did pretty well too!

Here's how we stacked up:
  • Gags/Ken: 52 ($28)
  • Mike/cali: 52 ($27)
  • RobW/JohnB: 55
  • EvanG/PeteN: 57
  • John/DaveJ: 59
  • SteveW/MarcyB: 69
  • I forget who won, but thanks Gags for the Buzz and Dave for the rubber exercise tubing!
See everyone tonight at League. Tags still available. We'll have some nice CTPs up for grabs -- booze and a booze glass.

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