Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ace Race recap

Let me start off by saying, damn, do we know how to pick 'em! For the second year in a row we were blessed with absolutely beautiful Fall weather - cool, crisp, sunny, and plenty of color. Yay Mother Nature!

The Ace Race kicked off at about 10 AM with 24 golfers, many of whom were first-timers. This year we threw both rounds at once which helped moved things along faster and also gave everyone a better chance at dialing it in and hitting metal. With almost 60% of the contestants either aceing or hitting metal, I'd say that was a good move!

My group did pretty well with 2 aces and 9 metals. After nailing a beautiful laser on hole 5, I hit chains on 6 and bounced out. It was pretty exciting, none-the-less. Tim Sieger flicked a lazy shot up 15 for his ace and the rest of our group had plenty of near misses.

Joe Atwood also hit hole 5 to tie for second place with Tim in the Ace and metal department. Since there was a Halloween Buzzz up for grabs for second place (donated by Donnie), Tim and Joe had a CTP throw-off on hole 1, which Joe won. Nice job, guys. Tim didn't go home empty-handed though. All winners got homemade cookies, courtesy of Assistant TD, Marcy B., and everyone got some of that delicious cake!

Ace Race results:
Name, Aces, Metals, prize
  • John Borelli 1 3: Bag, 10 discs, cookies
  • Joe Atwood 1 1: Halloween Buzz, cookies (won playoff)
  • Tim Seiger 1 1: Cookies
  • Dave James 0 3
  • Rob Walker 0 3
  • Paul Lyman 0 2
  • Steve Berthiaume 0 2
  • Todd Canuel 0 2
  • Jim Bobka 0 2
  • John Rodenhizer 0 1
  • T.M. Dyer 0 1
  • Steve Legare 0 1
  • Pete Nevius 0 1
  • Ken Gary 0 1

Everyone else: nothing!

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