Thursday, October 16, 2008

Speedy run through

Rob, Pete, and I had a practice Speed round last night to finalize the rules and get a general idea of how things should work. Let me just say that damn, this is going to be a lot of fun!

With Marcy timing and Dave and his daughter cheering us on, we sped through the four holes. I went first and chucked a beautiful shot down hole 13; however, I took off running and forgot to watch where it went! And then there was the foxhole I fell into that sent me ass-over-tea-kettle, much to the amusement of the galley!

In between all the laughter, Dave shouted out where it had gone and I found my disc after a valuable 10 seconds had ticked off the clock. Total time for hole 1 was about 45 seconds.

Next I jogged up to tee 14 and heard the plonk of Rob's disc hitting a tree on 13. I set myself and launched a beauty up the Hill -- this time watching where it went before I took off after it. My legs were already feeling like tree trunks as I hustled after my shot. I made my approach and heard Rob yell "Fore" as I missed my putt and settled for a 4.

I headed to 15 sucking wind pretty good, but still moving. I threw a laser to basket 9 and it skipped past the basket. I ran down, missed the chippy putt and moved on with a disappointing 3. Rob was nowhere to be seen, but honestly, I don't remember much after my wipeout on the first hole -- I was on automatic drive.

On the way over to tee 10 I saw a crushed Dunkins paper cup on the ground and fought the urge to stop and pick it up. Once on the tee pad, I set myself and float a beauty down the hill that lands about 20 ft above the basket. I really don't remember running down the Hill.

I hear Marcy yelling something over at the finish line but can't waste any energy deciphering it. I nail the putt for a bird, run down to the basket, grab my disc, and sprint to the finish line at tee 11. Done and still alive at just over 4 minutes! I drop my discs and flop to the ground ready to explode. Damn, I am old.

Rob is close on my heels and ends up beating me by a few seconds. Pete, however, crushes us both by over 25 seconds with a 3:43.

The big question is what will early favorite Donnie Disc Golf shoot? He is clearly the man to beat, but one bad kick can change everything.

See you Saturday!


ESMom said...

Awesome play by play! I was laughing to tears reading the recap! Now I know why you are a writer!

DiscGolfDonnie said...

Thanks for the update and play-by-play. I have been thinking under 4:00 so there you go...a low time to beat. 3:43 could hold up of course...