Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a Three Pete

Thank you to all who showed up Sunday morning to work on the course. We had a very biblical-sounding turnout (three Peters, two Johns, and a Luke), plus Ken, and Marcy. Bobka and Arty also did some work on Saturday, and Dave J. built some Ace Race tees on Thursday. Nice!

It was a great group effort with people lending a hand where needed. While Luke and Peter M worked on filling up tee box 14 with dirt, Pete T and John R roamed the course looking for high dead branches to cut down with a pole saw and also put in some steps on the path to hole 8. Ken whipped up another sweet tee box on hole 17 and was joined by Peter M who helped fill it with dirt. Next up for Ken Gary Construction is a tee box for hole 4.

Pete N and Luke did some low brush cutting on the back 9 and Marcy and I cleaned up the landing zone on top of the crest of 18. John R and I also installed a tee box front piece thingy on the new tee for hole 5.

Wow, we did a lot in three hours and the course just keeps getting better and better!

Peter and Luke fill in tee box 14

Pete T takes out a limb on 5

John R makes quick work of a branch on 7

Tee box 14

Ken and Peter work on tee box 17

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