Monday, October 06, 2008

OKC and let's get corked!

Saturday morning I met up with Josh and Suzy from Oklahoma City for a round. They were in town visiting relatives and had already played the Hill two or three times in their short visit.

They absolutely loved the trees, rocks, and elevation considering the biggest hills they have in OK are ant hills. Believe, I know. I've been there. Flat, flat, and more flat.

Thanks for coming, guys. Hope you enjoy the pix, and see you next time.

Josh nails his comeback putt on 10

Suzy putts across the Hill on 10

Suzy and Josh

The best part of the morning though was after our round when I was sitting in my truck killing some time on the phone before I had to head to work. Tony and Noah pulled in the parking lot and headed out toward the woods holding a drill and something that looked like a sign. I wasn't quite sure what they were up to and figured they were going out to fix the vernal pool sign on hole 6.

When they came back, they told me that they had installed a corkboard on our kiosk and attached the latest disc golf article that was in the Boston Globe. Tony was doubtful that it would hold up to the elements, but he was hopeful that it would help out short term.

It totally made my day. I love it when people give of themselves and help our course. So many people take, take, take, and never give. I don't know, even though it was a small gesture, it meant a ton to me and I appreciate it. Thanks a lot guys!

On that note, we are having a work day this Sunday, Oct 12 at 9 AM. Please come help us do some basic clean up, trimming, and installing some more tee boxes in preparation for our tourney. After, we'll head over to the Devens Chili Cookoff at 1 PM and maybe return for a quick round. Earn some good disc golf karma and lend a hand!

Noah, Tony, and Luke the Dog

The new corkboard

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