Monday, July 27, 2009

KC Day 2 is a hot one

This is going to be short. A major thunder and lightning storm is pounding KC right now!

Today we headed over to Prairie Center, WyCo, and Water Works to scout them out. It was a very hot 93 degrees, but with the constant breeze it wasn't too bad. We all got a little color today, that's for sure.

Right now, everything is kinda mishmashed together in my brain. Prairie Center was a fun course. Shortish with a lot of placement shots. We met some friendly golfers from TX and a local Dad out with his daughter who was playing for the first time.

Next was WyCo. It's a long course and a bit boring. Most holes you have to chuck really far once or twice, throw an approach, and putt. Not much thinking involved. Big arms will do well there. Me? Who knows. The landscape itself is pretty with rolling hills and big oaks with low branches. Lots of sun, little shade. The place was the best manicured course we've seen yet. Even the 30-ft circle around each basket was mowed shorter the rest of the fairway.

Dragging ass and on the verge of overheating, we headed toward Water Works which is over the Missouri River. We stopped at Cabela's to cool off and so that Chris and Marcy could buy camp stools. Water Works is a really cool course with tons of elevation and most holes are Buzzworthy or a straight driver. You just have to be conscious of which way the fairways slope and play the angles. There are a few tight alleys and nasty uphill pulls. Should be fun.

Tonight was the players meeting. We managed to find all NEFA-ites. The meeting itself was more of a thank you to so-and-so for this, and thank you so-and-so for that. Nice, but not too useful for first-time attendees. We were hoping for more useful information like how things worked overall, if there's a meeting before each round, etc. Thankfully, Worlds veterans Rick Williams and Tim Walsh gave us newbies the details.

While people filed out of the ballroom, we went over to say hi to pro Carrie "Berl" Berlogar. Turns out she knows King of the Hill Mike Dussault from their college days.

Now it's time for ice on the arm and some Zs. Chris and I tee off in Pool N at 8 AM at Shawnee Mission and then 2 PM at Prairie Center. Rain is in the forcast. Joy! Results should be posted here.


~Rob Tatro said...

Great Stuff John ... thanks for the blog. It's true, all kids love blog!!

Good luck out there today,

Patricia said...

Way to go, John! -1 in your first round... Can you hear our loud cheers from Maine?

Pat and Greg

P.S. Hi to Marcy! Nice job introducing yourself to the top pros. :-)