Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More love for the Hill

As the course grows in popularity, I've been getting more emails from new players that have discovered the Hill and love it. Here's my favorite so far:
So after 3 years of not having played I decided to go and buy a few discs and pick up the game again. I brought my 16 y/o brother with me (it was his first time). After asking the people across the street at the recycling center how to get there, we walked toward the course and were a bit leery, then we got to the first hole and got really excited when we saw the basket. The holes were pretty challenging with all the obstacles, but nonetheless, we had a great time.

The course was very well maintained and the other players there were friendly. The terrain can be challenging for a big person like myself, but after we completed the course it felt good (like I had actually exercised for the first time in a long time).

What I liked most about the course was just the sense of adventure I felt being in the woods playing a full 18 hole round of disc golf. Not many people I talk to about disc golf know what it is, and to say that you played on a course in Devens, MA in the middle of dense forestry with some intense terrain is pretty cool.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is capable and willing to walk "all hills. all the time," and I will surely be coming back myself. Thanks Devens Disc Golf Course for making my day fun today.


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Paul Russell said...

My brother and I just discovered the course last weekend. Not having any disc golf experience we showed up with our ultimate discs. Oops.

Fortunately we bumped into Donnie who lent us some golf discs and showed us the ropes. We had a blast! The Devens course is AWESOME! The scenery is amazing and the course is incredibly well maintained! We are indebted to you guys for planning ahead on the 16th hole. I didn't think to bring my belay and climbing gear, so I was really happy to find that climbing rope.

I just headed right on over to paypal to support the course. Thanks for creating such a great course. You guys rock!