Monday, July 20, 2009

Today the Hill. Tomorrow the Worlds!

Next Sunday, Marcy and I are headed to Kansas City for the 2009 PDGA Pro and Amateur Disc Golf World Championships. I'll be playing and Marcy will be my support staff!

Each year, the best players in the world who meet specific requirements get invited. After those golfers rsvp, the event is opened up to anyone. Since I didn't meet those requirements and didn't get an official invite, I registered on my own.

The Worlds is a weeklong event (Tue. July 25 - Sat. Aug. 1) with over 900 pro and amateur players in 20 divisions. I'll be playing two rounds a day; one in the morning on one course and another in the afternoon on a different course.

My lofty goal is to finish in the top half, but I'm sure that will be pretty hard considering that the best golfers in the world will be there. If I can avoid DFL, I'll be happy! In any case, it should be a great time and I can't wait to be totally engulfed in disc golf for an entire week.

There are a few other New England golfers also making the trip. Marcy and I are rooming with Chris Piaseczny who put the idea of going to Worlds in my head at a tournament last month. Hopefully we will be in the same pool or our personal taxi driver Marcy will be driving all over KC.

I'll be updating the blog each day with our adventures, so be sure to tune in. If anyone would like to sponsor me, I'm open to offers! I'll even mention your name when I accept my trophy. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck JoBo and have fun!
----Joe A