Friday, July 31, 2009

KC Day 6 - The longest round ever

My Worlds is over. Blog done.

Ha! Just kidding. I played the extremely long Blue Valley today and shot a 73 (+7). I probably had some of the best drives of my life today and loved the course. Very long (but fair) with lots of downhill bombs and bombs over trees. Several holes were between 700-800 ft, with the average hole being 600 ft. It took us just over 5 hours to play 18 holes!

A typical hole at Blue Valley -- far away

I started the day tied for 110th, so we'll have to wait and see where I end up. My goal was to finish in the top half, so it's looking good.

Chris shot a sweet 50 (-4) at Shawnee Mission this morning and is anxiously waiting to see if he makes the cut for tomorrow's semifinals. He is tied for 61st and they are taking 62. As I type, he is staring at his laptop hitting F5 Refresh every 5 seconds.

Now it's off to the pool to get some rest and then it's out to downtown KC tonight for some fun.

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