Saturday, June 05, 2010

Another tree falls, another tree gets pushed over

A pretty big tree fell over this week to the right of the fairway on hole 4. Shouldn't get in your way, but I'll probably limb it soon.

Someone pushed over a sapling on the edge of fairway 5 close to the basket and left it in the fairway. Thanks a lot! Jeesh...

Here are just a few of the WWs who showed up this week who know better than to break branches and trees.

Dan, Doug, Bradley

Will, Josh, John, Daniel


Mike P. said...

Hey, I'm in Devens for business and I just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful course!

My only problem was finding the damn thing! I first saw it listed on the Devens map at a hotel but didn't think to check for a website first. An hour later and probably three counts of trespassing on government property and I finally stumble on that path by the Job Corps fence and eventually ran into the 13th hole.

At first I thought the number on the map was misplaced but I see that it's correct, I'm just an idiot. Keep up the good work! I look forward to playing this course all month!

John Borelli said...

We like to make you work for it and make sure you really want to play it, that's all.

Thanks for the props. Glad you like it. Contact me if you'd like to play a round (email/phone on main website) or stop by league on Wed. I love showing out-of-towners around!

- John B