Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ohio AM Worlds here I come!

In just a few short hours Marcy, our dog Sky, and I will be heading out to Marion, OH to join over 510 other disc golfers for the 2010 Amateur World Championships. Last year's trip to the KC Worlds was a blast, so I figured why not go again?

Although I enjoyed my reign as the #1 non-cashing AM1 at Worlds last year, my goal this year is to cash in Advanced Masters. Yep, I've moved to Masters and will probably be the youngest old guy in the division.
There are 11 other New England disc golfers playing at Worlds this year, so we will be well-represented. If you'd like to keep track of me, I am in Pool E and start playing on Tuesday in Advanced Master. After the shuffle Wed. night, the goal is to make the cut and qualify to play Saturday in the semis and then the Finals.

Check back each day for news and photos and be sure to send me some positive mojo throughout the week!


JimmyB. said...

GO BORELLI!! I'll be sending positive vibes all week, smooth and steady...and hit your putts :)

Marc said...

Good Luck!