Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vandalism update and the greatest shot I've ever seen at the Hill

Hmm, this is starting to become a regular post.

It was a bad week for signs this week. First someone rips down the tee sign for hole 7 on Monday and then someone defaces the sponsor sign on hole 16. Nice.

Last night, I noticed more branches broken on hole 18. If you see newer players out there, please casually mention that we are having problems with people breaking branches and tell them that that is a major no-no. With more new players exploring the Hill, we've got to be proactive and teach them the rules and proper course etiquette, I guess.

Rock and roll
On a more positive note, I saw the greatest shot ever on hole 7 last night at League. After losing his drive, Frank Strauss had to re-tee. He flicked a Valkyrie down and around the curve and hit the big boulder.

It kicked gently forward, caught an edge and slowly rolled down the hill to the left of the basket. When it was even with the pin, it turned right and rolled up to the pole as if it knew it was supposed to go there! It was incredible and fun to watch.

We of course told him that he got a bad kick and had rolled down onto tee pad 8, so he has pretty happy when he saw it under the basket. Not a bad way to save par, even with a 1-stroke lost disc penalty, eh?


Marc D. said...

WOW! Amazing shot! I have never even reached the boulder off the tee. Very Impressive!

I honestly dont know what goes through peoples heads. What delight do they get for ruining things for other people.

Get a Life Jerks!!

Anonymous said...

careful with yer images jobo, gene simmons might call.....