Monday, June 21, 2010

Devens puts on a show at Spring Fling

This weekend, several Devens regulars played in the Borderland Spring Fling. While AM2 players played only the customary two rounds on Saturday, Pros and AM1s played a combined three rounds on Saturday and Sunday in hopes of making the cut and qualifying to play in the 9-hole fourth round.

After the dust settled, Jimmy Blakeney won his first-ever tournament after a two-hole playoff in a huge AM2 field on Saturday while Daniel Marcus cruised to a Pro Masters victory on Sunday. Great job guys!

Happily, I also got out of my tournament slump to finish tied for 5th in AM1. Let's hope I can continue like this at Worlds next week in Ohio.

Hill Yeah!

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JimmyB. said...

Thanks for the support during the playoff John, good luck at WORLDS, send us updates!!