Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 1 is in the books

My day 1 is done. Played well both rounds and am feeling good about my golf.

Rd 1 my card played the wrong hole so we all got stroked 2. I was annoyed, especially when the official told me later, "Yes, I thought that may happen when I walked the course earlier." Umm, so why didn't you do something about it like put up a sign? Ugh.

Oh well, lesson learned. The good thing is that I won my card.

I soon forgot all about it and played another good round in the afternoon. Ended the day with two 56s and I think -4. The pars out here are a bit generous, but good for the confidence.

Now just killing time til the Flymart. Anyone around? We need a place to crash for a while. Walmart parking lot just isn't doing it.

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