Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We stink

Here are a few photos from the NEFA Challenge Finals held Sunday at Barre Dam. As predicted we came in last, but hey, we had fun doing it!

Half the team: Donnie, John, Dave, Luke

As far as I know, the closest that we came to winning anything was on three CTPs. Arty got the first one, which I then stole, and Donnie got another one a few holes later. Unfortunately we were robbed by other players later in the day. Not sure if our other teammates Gags and Andy had any better luck.

Quote of the day comes from our fearless captain, Andy, who said at lunch: "Nobody stinks like we do!" I couldn't agree more. Good job team. Let's stink less next year!

John and Donnie discuss how to miss their next putt on Hole 4.

Aspen, our official mascot of the day, takes a break on tee 17

Donnie flicks 3

John uncorks one on 3

Bottom Dwellers from Tolland and Devens walk up fairway 2

Dave and Luke watch John miss another putt

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Erec said...

That looks like a really pretty course. Is it in MA?