Monday, April 07, 2008

Donnie D gets Social

Since we only had 5 for the Social yesterday, we decided to play a tag round of singles. Donnie ended up winning a one-hole playoff with Pete to keep his #2 tag. John and Phil tied for third and Shep pulled up the rear.

#2 Donnie - 62
#3 Pete - 62
#8 John - 66
#9 Phil - 66
Shep - 75

Other tag holders:
#1 Dave, Luke, Bobkat, Arty, Tim.

See you guys on Wednesday.

Dave was not there to put up his #1 because he was giving a local Girl Scouts troop a tour of the course. From the shouts and laughs we heard coming from the woods, it sounds like the girls and parents had a great time. Thanks for coming, girls!

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