Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here's your headline, Marcy!

Another nice turnout last night with 8 golfers, one official scorekeeper-photographer-birthday girl, and lots of those tiny annoying flea-things swarming around our heads. We played straight-up for tags.

Ken, Luke, Arty, Rob, Pete, John, Dan, Dave

There were also a handful of other players out enjoying the 84-degree temps. Yes, 84 in late April. Nice.

I shot a personal best and claimed the #2 tag. The results:
  • John (55, #2)
  • Dave J (58, #3)
  • Arty (60, #6)
  • Ken G (63, #11)
  • Pete N (63, #12)
  • Luke (66, #13)
  • Rob W (67, #14)
  • Dan (68, #15)
Dave, Pete, and I will not be there next week, so hopefully someone else will run the Weekly for us and send me the results. Thanks and happy hucking!

John winds up on 3

Off it goes into the trees once again!

Dave was on his toes last night

While Rob was landing on this rock

Arty, Luke, Marcy, John, Ken

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