Thursday, April 10, 2008

WW Results

We had another good turnout this week with 6 taggers. Here's how it broke down:
  • #1 Dave (59) defends against #10 Pete T (63)
  • #8 John (61) takes #4 Arty (65)
  • #6 Luke (65) takes #2 Donnie (65)
Sadly, Donnie has announced that he is placing himself on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list after trying to fight through a nagging shoulder injury the past few weeks. He graciously gave his tag to Luke so that it would still be in play. We'll miss you out there, son.

Shot of the day: Hole 14. I decide to try to make it to the upper level off the tee. I let a laser rip that just misses the first tree on the left behind the boulder. The disc is cruising and passes by the second tree just before the second tier. We all watch with the usual "ews" and "ahhs" as it flies up the hill. Then I say, "Man that thing is going great!" and Luke replies, "Uh, no it isn't."

We look more closely and see that the disc has gotten stuck between the trunk and a small branch, but because of the fading light and distance it looked like it was suspended in air. It was pretty funny. Luckily Arty had his camera so he took a few shots which I'll post here later. More importantly, he kindly didn't call the 3-meter rule on me!

Anyway, we all had a good laugh.

Bonus: But what really made me happy last night is that Dave and Pete bumped into a few guys who were playing AND picking up trash too. Yay and thank you!

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